Spiritual Formation and Direction Ministries

Grafted Life is pleased to offer the following organizations as helpful resources in the area of spiritual direction and spiritual formation.

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PAX Center

Transformational Listening 

Located in Boston, Transformational Listening (TL) is a unique two year training program in Christian Spiritual Direction offered by the PAX Center for Spiritual Formation. TL is made up of two distinct training programs with TL1 being a prerequisite to apply for TL2: 

  • Year 1      TL1  Soul Care Companions
  • Year 2      TL2  Training in Christian Spiritual Direction  

All are welcome to TL1. This is a nine month program where you will experience and grow in the art of contemplative listening. TL1 also offers you the space to discern a call as a spiritual director. 

TL2  is a ten month certificate program in the art of Christian Spiritual Direction. TL is an ecumenical program though largely made up of participants from the evangelical tradition. The training program is decidedly contemplative in its approach with holy listening being grounded in our relationship with God.

For more information about TL, please contact Rama Ziegenhals at ramapax@gmail.com.  

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Renovaré is a community of Christ-followers who model, resource, and advocate fullness of life with God experienced, by grace, through the spiritual practices of Jesus and of the historical Church. We nurture and facilitate interested folks through events, publications, and consultations.

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Restoration Ministries

A spiritual direction and soul care ministry located in Minnesota.

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Richmont Graduate University

Located in Atlanta, GA, Richmont offers a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction through a series of five 3-credit hour courses.  They also offer a fully accredited Masters of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Direction that incorporates the Graduate Certificate courses.  The programs are based around intensive residencies and synchronous on-line learning.  They are rich in hands-on spiritual direction practice, while they focus on the historical roots of spiritual direction and the role of spiritual direction within the Kingdom of God.  Topics are explored and experienced in a growing community of learning, prayer, and intentionality.  Please contact Dr. Joshua Rice, the Dean of the School of Ministry at Richmont (jrice@richmont.edu) with questions.

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San Diego Spiritual Directors

A group of trained Spiritual Directors primarily from a Judeo-Christian background who choose to affiliate based on their Mission Statement. They offer Trainings, casual evenings of Discussion (often around a communal meal) and Formational Events that have a spiritual focus.

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Selah (East and West locations) at Leadership Transformations

Selah is a 2-year certificate program in spiritual direction which is intentionally Trinitarian in theology, contemplative in style, and biblical in grounding. This program’s participants and graduates represent over 20 states and 3 foreign countries from a variety of evangelical Protestant backgrounds. Both Selah-East (New England) and Selah-West (AZ) are offered within the context of a residential model. Selah nurtures spiritual direction’s foundational understanding of the theology of spiritual formation through faculty teaching during retreat Residencies (5 retreats over 2 years), as well as reading and reflection assignments in between Residencies. Selah also develops spiritual direction’s central practice, through small group experience during retreat Residencies, as well as individual experience of offering spiritual direction and reflecting on it with a Selah faculty Supervisor (in person or by phone) in between Residencies. Download a brochure or contact Selah Director Susan Currie for more information: Susan@ltinc.org.

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Sioux Falls Seminary

The Listening People to Life: Training in Spiritual Direction Program at Sioux Falls Seminary fills a unique need by providing specialized training to individuals who “listen people to life” on their spiritual journeys. This is a conversational style of learning program complemented with readings, teachings and retreat. Students can obtain a Certificate of Completion for Training in Spiritual Direction or a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership Degree with a certificate in spiritual direction.

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Soul Shepherding

Soul Shepherding helps you to thrive with Jesus in life and leadership through resources, spiritual mentoring, and training. Founders Bill and Kristi Gaultiere are Doctors of Psychology and Spiritual Directors who were personally mentored by Dallas Willard. They have developed a unique model for training pastors and leaders to thrive in their apprenticeship to Jesus Christ, personal wholeness, and ministry to others. Their two-year Institute in Orange County, CA features twenty days of experiential learning and soul care for cohorts of 20 people in residential retreats. Also you have the option to earn a certificate in Spiritual Direction through monthly online group supervision. Soul Shepherding was started in 2009 and reaches thousands of people every week. Their Institute has trained men and women in ministry from ten different countries. 

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Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona

The desire of SFSAZ is to foster the spiritual formation movement in Arizona (and beyond) & create safe environments where learners and leaders can experience and grow in the love of the Trinity.

Through networking and co-laboring, we bring Spiritual Formation resources to Arizona and highlight what God is up to in our local area. We offer soul care days, formation workshops, retreats, cohorts using the Life with God material, and support of spiritual directors. Check out our website for more.

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Sustainable Faith

Since 2008, Sustainable Faith has offered accessible, practical, and affordable training in spiritual direction. The program is cohort-based, with 1st and 2nd year training located at multiple locations throughout the U.S. and Europe. Their focus is on preparing pastors, church staff & lay leaders to be effective directors through integrative study and hands-on practice. Cohorts meet for five weekend intensives over the course of training. This contemplative, experiential Christocentric approach is open to Christians of all denominations. For more information email janice@sustainablefaith.com.

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