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For Individuals and Small Groups

What is the quality of your relationship with God? Does it seem close, personal, relevant, and deep? Would you describe it as loving? Or do you operate at a distance from God, unsure about how He really feels about you, or uncertain if you want Him intimately involved in your life?

Do You Love Me? is an invitation to explore your relationship with God and how it affects your life. Debbie Swindoll draws out God’s heart for reconciliation and candidly offers examples from her own spiritual journey.

This short book is designed to engage you in relationship with God and others. You will be invited to engage in invitations to meditate, to read, to pray, to act, and to dialogue with others. Each week has additional activities alongside the text of Do you Love Me? to bring experience into your daily prayers and conversations.

Do You Love Me? is designed for individual or group use. It is organized to support your weekly discipleship to Christ with scriptural meditations (available in audio format on our website), discussion questions, and experiential activities.

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Grafted Life Ministries exists to root lives in Christ's transforming love. We create resources for Christian leaders and lay persons to help them practice Biblical principles in their relationships.

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Discover why readers have called Do You Love Me? “short and powerful,” “refreshingly deep,” and “unexpectedly enlightening.”

“This little gem of a book does a fantastic job of not just talking about being loved but it helps you experience God's love through a variety of tactile means. So many people have heard that God loves them and fail to really have that truth settle into their hearts. This book pierces the heart/head divide in a gentle but intentional way. If you are looking for something more in your spiritual journey and are thirsting for a deeper experience of God's love, this book is a great entry point into a deeper journey.”

Anonymous, Amazon Review
“Debbie explains, through personal examples and biblical insights, how to participate in relationship with God and open deeply to His transforming grace. This book is a great introductory resource for small groups that want to ponder the invitation to abide deeply in the heart of God.”

Brian Owen, Pastor of Discipleship in Katy, TX
“I loved it! I enjoyed reading Debbie's own beautiful story of becoming the beloved daughter. It has helped me to embrace my own Heavenly Father who delights in me. Finding myself loved and cared for by God is the most transformative power I've come to know as a disciple of Christ. Powerful book!”

Michelle, Amazon Review