Spiritual Formation and Direction Ministries

Grafted Life is pleased to offer the following organizations as helpful resources in the area of spiritual direction and spiritual formation.

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Healing Care Ministries

Certificate Program in Spiritual Formation & the Art of Spiritual Direction

This certificate program in Spiritual Formation and the Art of Spiritual Direction provides participants with the contemplative experiences, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to deepen their awareness of God, self, and others. A series of four residencies and two praxes form the core of this two-year training experience with faculty guidance and peer interaction between residencies using virtual formats.

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Holy Conversation: A Course in Spiritual Direction in the Anglican Tradition

This two year course out of the Anglican Diocese in New England seeks to equip mature and skilled spiritual directors grounded in Anglican sacramental theology and the Catholic contemplative tradition. It is led by ESDA member Susan Skillen.

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Imago Christi

Functioning much as an evangelical order, Imago Christi is an international and cross-cultural covenant community that develops spiritual formation resources and provides coaching for Christian leaders so that they may minister out of a deepening love for God and personal transformation in the image of Christ. Three-day “Spiritual Formation Discovery” events, offered throughout the world, are the primary means of introduction to the order, and are complimented by various print resources.

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The Journey with The Leadership Institute

The Journey is more than a two-year retreat-based training process, it is a catalyst for holistic life and leadership transformation. The Journey was created to refresh and inspire leaders who listen to God, follow Jesus' rhythms of life and lead from the overflow. We invite you to benefit from a seasoned training process that has matured for nearly 30 years.By integrating spiritual formation and leadership development, the Journey cares for leaders at every level.

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KAIROS University / Listening People to Life: Training in Spiritual Direction

Do you desire to "listen people to life" on their spiritual journeys? Kairos University offers a virtual Training in Spiritual Direction program that helps individuals develop the skills needed to "listen people to life" through listening, question asking, discernment and prayer.


The Listening People to Life Training in Spiritual Direction program can be taken at the certificate level or can be integrated into the Kairos Master of Arts program. Often, those who enroll share a desire for community and paying attention to one's spiritual life. This desire could stem from an experience they have had or what they might describe as a void in their own life.  In many cases, students note that people seek them out as a holy listener and they want to be further equipped in the ministry of listening, asking questions and prayer.


Online class sessions are held Monday evenings between September and May for two consecutive years.

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KidZ at Heart

KidZ at Heart International is a global Christian community that trains, partners with, and mobilizes networks of leaders to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus. Grafted Life Ministries is partnering with KidZ in the development of formation-based church curricula for children and youth.

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Leadership Transformations

Leadership Transformations exists to cultivate vibrant spirituality and attentive discernment among Christian leaders and teams by offering a two-year certificate program in spiritual direction, spiritual leadership communities, soul care retreats, discernment consultation, sabbatical preparation, online surveys (church health, family health, etc.), and a myriad of online resources on spiritual formation topics.

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The Leadership Institute's School of Spiritual Direction

By learning the lifestyle rhythms of Jesus first through our Journey process, our spiritual direction training process is unique and deeply transformative. Our formal spiritual direction training is enhanced by the student bringing into the training a lifestyle already deeply rooted in the rhythms of Jesus. 

In addition to training spiritual directors in a cognitive learning style, our prayerful goal is to also provide opportunities for lifestyle transformation that result in an abiding life with Jesus that flows into and empowers the ministry of the spiritual director.

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Nuos Formation

Located in San Francisco, Nuos Formation provides a 2 year training program in Spiritual Direction.

This course seeks to harness both the richness of the tradition of spiritual direction as well as the contributions of object relations psychology and even more recently, interpersonal neurobiology. For this reason, the content spans the spectrum of graduate level and popular level reading, personal prayer and reflection assignments, as well as rigorous clinical practicum (second year). Nuos training meets all requirements meant for membership for ESDA.

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PAX Center

The vision of PAX is to inspire people & churches to experience the transforming love of God, becoming agents of healing & change in their communities & the world. At the heart of our vision is to nurture & train individuals & worshipping communities in sacred listening & soul care, fostering vulnerability, curiosity, & belonging in their relationship with God & one another. We seek to nurture a vibrant & healthy spirituality rooted in the love of God; and with love as our foundation to be "contemplatives in action" as co-laborers with Christ.


Certificate Training in Spiritual Direction: A 2-year training program grounded in contemplative listening designed to help you experience & grow in the art of spiritual direction.


Certificate Training in Spiritual Formation: A 9-month program where you will be equipped to lead others in spiritual formation ministries & dive deeper into the unique dynamics of Christian Spirituality. You can read more and register for this online cohort community here.


Certificate Training in the Enneagram: A unique program designed specifically for spiritual directors, counselors, & life coaches in the use of the Enneagram as part of your ministries of 1-on-1 soul care. This program is facilitated by spiritual directors & authors, Revs. Doug & Adele Calhoun. You can read more and register here.


For more information, visit our website or reach out to contactpaxcenter@gmail.com. You can also find us on Facebook & Instagram at @paxcenter.

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