Become a Life with God Leader

Life with God Leader Certification

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Life with God certified leader! Individuals who complete our certification process join a like-minded community of pastors, specialists, and lay leaders who are actively engaging the church in the work of spiritual formation and discipleship through Life with God.

Our training process will help you become a stronger group leader:

  • Learn new ways to lead groups that help foster transformation and focus on relational development
  • Prepare to become a more discerning leader
  • Grow in the ability to trust group outcomes to the Holy Spirit
  • Gain insights into the components and formational arch of the Life with God series
  • Become part of the larger Life with God leader community for ongoing peer support

During our five-week training process you will:

  • Learn from an active Life with God group leader about what you can expect
  • Experience peer-to-peer interaction and learning
  • Receive resources that will enhance your work as a group leader
  • Practice some of the skills outlined in the course

Following training, we encourage certified leaders to continue interacting with each other on our Life with God leader Facebook group, and to dialogue with the Grafted Life team on ways to bring formation resources and practices into your church or small group. 

We are praying for you as you consider this training opportunity.

“Life is richer when lived in Community. The LWG training enriched our skills in leading small groups, and forged such a deep connection with our trainer that we wanted to start a group just with them! An amazing experience.”

Nick, Leader in Dallas, TX

Certification Process

  1. Approval: Grafted Life approves each Life with God leader candidate prior to certification training. You will need to submit an online application, collect two ministry references, and complete a brief phone interview.
  2. Training: Approved candidates enroll in a 5-week online certification course with Grafted Life’s formation specialists. Leaders train within a cohort community. The training course is in-depth and individualized for each candidate.
  3. Membership: At the conclusion of certification training, Grafted Life grants leaders access to purchase Life with God curriculum materials for their small groups. Leaders also join a private forum for ongoing support in their ministry.

Get Started

Allow 2 weeks to process your application. This allows necessary time for the approval process, training registration, material shipments, and setting up training dates. Certification training is 5 weeks long. 

The fee for Life with God certification, including all books and training materials, is $225. You will receive the first two leader's guides for Life with God, a certification training manual, and two books: Do You Love Me? by Debbie Swindoll, and  Alice Fryling's Seeking God Together.

Step 1: Submit an Application

Start your process toward becoming a Life with God certified leader by submitting an online application. The application consists of three essay questions and requires about 30 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Send Reference Requests

We require two ministry references with your application. Your references will submit an online form which is kept confidential with our staff. Email the link to this form to your references.

Step 3: Enroll in Online Certification Training

After we receive your application and references, we will conduct a brief phone interview and give approval to begin training. Once you are approved, you may register for a spot at an upcoming training.

Note that the certification process requires a free Grafted Life account. If you have already a set up an account to listen to Grafted Life podcasts or are currently an ESDA member, please log in to this account as you begin.