About Us

Grafted Life Ministries supports churches and individuals with resources that help people root their lives in Christ’s transforming love.

Practically speaking, we create and offer resources that are biblically sound, experientially robust, and communally practiced by Christians. Our resources are distinct because:

  • We work in, with, and through churches and small groups. Many people have formative experiences outside their church (going on a retreat, attending conferences on formation, pursuing education). Our focus is in helping you cultivate a deeply meaningful relationship with God without having to go anywhere.
  • We help people discover how to be with God in their regular activities. Many people ask at the end of a retreat, "What do I do when I get back home?" Our resources invite you to practice engaging with God in your everyday life. 

We have 10 studies that are actively used today by adults from a wide range of denominations. All of our resources value:

  • Biblical Teaching to understand what Scripture instructs and illustrates regarding all of our relationships
  • Experiential Learning through hands-on, heart-penetrating exercises that explore love in real life circumstances
  • Community Interaction within the Body of Christ as we support one another in love, to love

As you explore our resources, we look forward to forming a relationship with you and with your church community. Let us know how we can encourage your life with God.