Grafted Life Ministries partners with church ministries to build relational cultures of love for God and one another.

About Our Ministry

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, at its core, is an invitation to radical relational transformation — the kind that exposes our habits of independence and helps us embrace reliance on Christ and connection with His Body.

Becoming one with Christ, however, remains elusive for many believers. Our daily Christian experience often falls short of what we desire — and what God desires for us. We are isolated in the secrets of our hearts, in broken family dynamics, in disappointments at church, or in our disengagement with the world.

Through crafted invitations for regular engagement with God and the Body of Christ, Grafted Life helps break down the barriers that keep believers from deeper relationships. Whether participating in the Life with God journey or connecting one-on-one with a spiritual director, our resources encourage intimate, heart probing, and transforming encounters with God and others.

All of our resources value:

  • Biblical Teaching to understand what Scripture instructs and illustrates regarding all of our relationships
  • Experiential Learning to employ hands-on, heart-penetrating exercises that explore love in real life circumstances
  • Growing Together to practice within the Body of Christ and support one another in love, to love

As you explore our available resources, we look forward to forming a relationship with you and with your church community. Let us know how we can encourage your life with God.