Thanks for considering a financial gift to Grafted Life. We need people like you in our giving community.

Most donors to Grafted Life give from either their commitment to The Sowing Circle or from their experience as a beneficiary of one of our resources.

The Sowing Circle

God is calling a group women to stand in support of kids. Grafted Life has created a special group called The Sowing Circle -- women who are committed to spiritually seed the next generation. 

Your gift will help us create resources children, youth, students and parents can use to help young people engage intellectually and emotionally with God and other Christians -- at an age where they are especially open to developing those relationships.

Ministry Participants

People around the world have been introduced to a deeper, more meaningful walk with God through Grafted Life's resources. They are discovering and experiencing what it means to truly love and be loved by God.

Your gift will help us continue to reach out to church, small group, and other ministry leaders to help them discern where the Holy Spirit is at work in their community. Our goal is to help them introduce others to a vibrant, integrated With God life, just as you have experienced.

Any contribution to Grafted Life Ministries is helpful, small gifts, major gifts, one-time and monthly commitments alike. All will be used to sustain and expand this important work.

If you would like to learn more about Grafted Life's direction, we would love to talk with you. We have an exciting vision to resource people -- individually, in small groups, and through the church, and from nursery through adulthood -- on their formation journey. You can contact Curt at curt at graftedlife dot org.


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Extend a gift that benefits those who are discovering deeper life with God.

“While leading others, I am pausing more, waiting in silence, and paying attention to whether I am responding or reacting in conversation. Now I ask myself questions like, ‘Lord, what do You want me to learn here?’ “

Pam Reese
The Art of Spiritual Leadership Participant

“Through Life with God, my relationship with God is deeper and more connected. I mean that my relationship with God now goes beyond merely learning about Him: I’m learning how to love Him and be loved by Him.”

Cathy Fetterman
Life with God Participant

Or, Mail a Check

If you prefer to write us a check, it does save us money in transaction fees, especially if you intend to give a large gift. Make checks payable to Grafted Life Ministries and send to our mailing address:

2024 W. 15th Street
Suite F-134
Plano, TX 75075

Grafted Life Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts to Grafted Life are fully tax deductible, as allowable by the IRS. Grafted Life does not share, sell, or lease donor information to third parties.