Does life with God and your experience of church leave you longing for more?

Take a look at a new and tested approach to creating rich and vibrant community with God and others.

Life with God: A Journey of Relationship is a six-semester Bible study and podcast series, a leading resource for churches and Christian communities.

In Life with God, each study is based on Scripture, integrating interactive projects, personal reflection, and small group engagement to transform lives and relationships at every level. Authored by Grafted Life's team of spiritual formation experts, Life with God revolutionizes the Christian small group experience with an innovative approach to Bible study that puts Scripture into immediate practice.

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Life with God empowers communities to love one another.

"Life-changing for me." Whether you call them home groups, life groups, or community groups, Life with God cultivates qualities that help relationships flourish. Read how Life with God changed the lives of its participants.

“We've tried so many different products over the years... and then one of the things that just blew us away about using the Life with God content is... people really coming together and developing true spiritual friendships..."

Listen to Mark's full testimony: (1:14 min)

Mark Warner, Lead Pastor

“Life with God is a thoughtfully designed curriculum that creates space for the Spirit to shape the heart of the believer. The teaching gently and skillfully opens new horizons in contemplating God’s Word. The listening exercises encourage new ways of meditating on God’s Word. Because the time spent outside the group is so well crafted, the community experience is full and rich without the leader having to force anything. I highly recommend the Life with God curriculum for those who desire to deepen their experience with the Father.”

Ted Wueste, Executive Pastor

“I craved a study that would strengthen and grow my relationship with God. I yearned for a community who were not afraid to be raw, exposed, and talk deeply about the Lord. I longed to discuss the struggles that we go through every day. Life with God helped me rediscover my relationship with God, how much He desires to be with me every day and every hour. I loved the way the study worked and the tools it uses. The questions it asked each week were very challenging and thought-provoking.”

Caroline Vongkaseum, Participant

“As a long-time pastor and student of God’s Word—including original language work, I have been amazed at the number of things I’ve learned through the Life with God studies. More importantly, the integration of activities, reflective questions, and group interactions have been used by God to have tremendous impact on my life and relationships. Life with God is life-giving.”

Steve Bonenberger, Participant

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The Life with God Format

Make the most of your time in community. Life with God delivers teaching content outside of group time—reversing the common small group trend—so that the entire group time is spent in discussion and interaction.

Individual Work

Listen as You Go. Life with God uses high quality audio podcasts to immerse you in the words of Scripture and to draw insights for daily life—no heavy reading required. Podcasts stream to any device so that you can listen on your commute or around the home.

Guided Activities with God. Participants spend longer in prayer than in any other component of Life with God. Using guided questions and activities that are new every week, you learn to treat prayer as more than intercessory: active, responsive, and creative.

Community Meetings

Governed by a Covenant. Life with God groups abide by a covenant that upholds safe, honest, and confidential interactions between their members, similar to recovery ministries. Members design a personalized group covenant around the values considered most important to the group.

Leaders You Can Trust. Grafted Life interviews, trains, and certifies every group leader to lead Life with God. Small groups learn how to listen without “fixing” one another, how to communicate openly about their lives, and how to look for and follow God’s activity.

Each study includes a leader's guide, participant workbook, and podcast series.

Listen to a teaching podcast from The Genesis of Relationship, Week 3.


The Life with God Roadmap

A relational "catechism:" Life with God draws numerous insights from Scripture into the way God cultivates relationship with His people. Each study explores a Biblical story and relational themes.

1. The Genesis of Relationship

Exploring the nature of relationship

  • Key Scripture: Genesis (Creation and the Fall)
  • Featured Activity: Interactive Prayer Projects

2. The History of the Heart

Learning dependence on God

  • Key Scripture: Genesis (Israel's Patriarchs)
  • Featured Activity: Heart History Life Map

3. From Bondage to Freedom

Identifying and overcoming resistance

  • Key Scripture: The Book of Exodus
  • Featured Activity: Weekly Walk with God

4. A Call to Desire and Discern

Understanding the nature of desire

  • Key Scripture: 1 & 2 Samuel
  • Featured Activity: Extended Time with God Retreat

5. Daily Abiding with Jesus

Practicing daily abiding in Christ

  • Key Scripture: The Gospel of John
  • Featured Activity: Daily Meditation on Scripture

6. Bearing the Fruit of Love

Discovering one's life vocation

  • Key Scripture: The Book of Acts
  • Featured Activity: Personal Rule of Life

Life with God is available for purchase by certified leaders.

We work directly with Life with God leaders to train them to lead constructive and transforming community experiences. Grafted Life interviews all applicants and trains them over video conferencing.

We look for leaders who...

  • Are willing to share honestly from their own lives
  • Value the leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • Understand that real transformation takes time
  • Understand the importance and power of listening
  • Possess spiritual discernment and emotional maturity
  • Desire to receive and give care in the Body of Christ

As a result, Life with God leaders...

  • Encourage safe, honest, and confidential group sharing
  • Notice individual needs as well as group dynamics
  • Listen for God’s voice during group time and respond accordingly
  • Pray before and after group meetings, seeking God’s wisdom
  • Rely on confidential prayer partners to discuss challenges and celebrate God's work
  • Trust God with the outcomes of their leadership

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Grafted Life Ministries exists to root lives in Christ's transforming love. We create resources for Christian leaders and lay persons to help them practice Biblical principles in their relationships.

Wondering if Life with God is right for you, your church, or your small group? Give us a call at (214) 919-4145 or send us your question below. We’d love to connect with you. As an added bonus, we’ll send you a complimentary Group Covenant you can use with your small group.

We offer a free church promotion kit for church and group leaders who want to promote Life with God groups in their community.

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“We founded Grafted Life Ministries to support those who desire to grow in relationship with God, but lack the resources to journey forward. If you feel the need for a community with which to practice these ideas, or are looking for ‘something more’ from your Bible study, then we invite you to get connected to Life with God.” Curt Swindoll, Grafted Life Ministries