Reflections are a chronicle of our personal journeys in relationship with God and others. These stories illustrate the breadth and depth of the Christian experience, and we offer them to you for encouragement and inspiration in your own journey.

“He Lives” in Our Worship

My ponderings reminded me that we often value worship music in terms of personal preference: what we like and what we don’t like. Many churches have completely different services each week just to meet varying tastes in music.

Surprised by God. Again.

Back in February, I prayed about how to participate in Lent this year. I didn't feel inclined in any particular direction, but I did desire to have a time in the morning and the evening to pay attention to my journey with God.


This week I’m working my way through the effects of a lie. My historical response to being lied to hasn't been stellar so I've really been praying and asking to understand, rather than react, to the emotions that are surfacing in my heart.

The Arrogance of “Maturity”

Through this process, I’m also discovering several places in my heart that still need God’s grace and mercy in order to grow in freedom, love and holiness.

Training Lessons for Lent

My training reminds me of Lent. Beginning this Wednesday, the traditional church calendar invites Christians to spend six and a half weeks in spiritual training. It’s a chance to practice virtues that are usually a stretch for us, to prepare our souls for Easter Sunday