Reflections are a chronicle of our personal journeys in relationship with God and others. These stories illustrate the breadth and depth of the Christian experience, and we offer them to you for encouragement and inspiration in your own journey.

While Waiting for Jesus

I suppose it was a reminder that in the midst of all the heavenly things that we are called to attend to, we have to attend to our own earthly needs at the same time. We are created, earthly beings with limitations and needs, and having to deal with those things is what Jesus expects from us.

The State of the (developing) Union

I looked at these questions with God in January. I thought through them in light of my various relationships… spouse, son, friends, co-workers, leaders, fellow volunteers and those I minister to.

A Yearly Review and Reflection

Find a quiet place to relax where you will not be disturbed by others. Set aside your computer, phone, or any other items which might vie for your attention. You will need some writing paper and a pen or pencil for journaling.

Christmas Bells

Today this beautiful poem is just as relevant as when it was written over 150 years ago. Our God is still as real as well. The same today as He has been in the past and will continue to be.

Merry Christmas. May the peace of Jesus rule in your heart no matter what circumstances you find yourself in this Christmas.

Being Known

It was beautiful – like love, like music, like truth; something that passed right through the eyes and pierced straight into the soul. Have you ever had the experience of being truly and deeply known by God?