Life With God

Does the Gospel Impact Your Day-to-Day Life?

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a present reality. It is an invitation into a relationship with Him that is accessible in all our current circumstances.

Often though, those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior, struggle to know exactly what that relationship looks like or how to enter into it this side of eternity. Scriptural images like abiding in Christ and praying without ceasing create longing within the soul but also seem remote and unattainable. Our confusion causes many of us to settle short of the Promised Land.

Life with God: A Journey of Relationship is a 1-3 year discipleship journey that creates opportunities to grow in connection with Christ and members of His Body.

Life with God has Christians come together in community to practice dependence on God in their everyday lives. Over time participants experience God in a deeper way in their lives and in their relationships, often breaking down barriers that existed with Him, with other Christians, with friends and family members, and with their neighbors.

How Does Life With God Work?

How Can Life With God Fit Your Ministry?

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How Does Life with God Work?

Life with God participants are guided by biblical teaching, the Holy Spirit, and a small group leader trained from within your community. They build habits of loving relationship, learning for example:

  • how to be known and loved by God and others
  • how to recognize and interact with the Holy Spirit every day
  • how to risk vulnerability with the Body of Christ, surrounded by love and safety
  • how to empathize and dignify people who are different
  • that the power of the gospel is realized in loving, proactive, Spirit-filled relationships with all people

Life with God is flexibly designed to fit within the weekly routines of individuals and churches, requiring only one hour of time for community meetings and no more than two hours of time during the week.

The first year of the curriculum is a comprehensive journey based on the Book of Genesis that eases people into deep intimacy with God and other Christians. The second and third years are elective studies in specific aspects of Christian maturity, such as dealing with our desires, knowing our vocation, and abiding with Christ.

Grounded in Biblical Stories

The stories of Scripture are layered with relational meanings. Life with God explores the way God and His people ought to relate, and where relationship breaks down, exclusively through the pages of Scripture.

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Flexible to Fit Real Life

Life with God combines individual Bible study with community meetings. All of the teaching content is audio recorded and mobile-accessible. The group meetings can vary in length to fit your church schedule.

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Accessible to Believers of All Backgrounds

Life with God brings rich theological concepts into the Christian experience without the unfamiliar terminology. It explores the relational teachings of the Bible through the Bible. It relies on the way the Bible presents and articulates its relational themes.

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Built for Churches, Campuses, and Communities

Life with God is a powerful way to build life-long relational skills inside of a church, a Christian university, or any other fellowship group. It serves individuals and their personal needs. It establishes a group culture around relational virtues.

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How Can Life with God Fit Your Ministry?


Bring Relational Health to Your Congregation

Making disciples is a core commission of the church. We’ve observed that churches often provide theological classes for their congregations, but fall short of providing deep relational training sustained over multiple years, as was characteristic of Christ’s ministry. Life with God trains leaders from your community to become disciple-makers in the church. Through weekly practice and biblical training, Life with God readies participants to love the world with honesty, understanding, and courage.


Make Formation Accessible to Everyone

Life with God guides Christians through the dynamics of relationship with God, and does so in a way that explains the purpose of the disciplines and prepares them for possible discouragement they may face on the road. For many evangelical churches, the language of formation is too inaccessible. Life with God addresses this by using biblical stories as the basis for formation conversations.


Guide Directees into a Deeper Prayer Life

We designed Life with God to deepen and personalize a Christian’s prayer experience with God, and to practice sharing one’s experience of prayer with others in the Body of Christ. Utilizing aspects of group spiritual direction, participants take turns listening to God and one another, exercising discernment and love. Life with God can be a gentle yet powerful means of helping directees journey deeper with God, and receive the companionship they need from other believers.


Answer Questions by Teaching Discernment

Life with God invites young adults to explore their “who am I” and “why am I here” questions, helping them identify their values and vocation in relationship with Christ. Life with Godalso guides them through their burgeoning self-knowledge in the context of their theology and the kingdom of God. In tandem, young adults learn how to discern and follow the voice of God.


Integrate Recovery with the Church

Where do Christians go next after completing a recovery ministry or counseling program? Churches that support Life with God have a natural next-step for their recovery program, where participants can integrate their personal journey with other in the Body of Christ. Life with God continues for them the same level of intentional community. Life with God is also a place where people can branch out from one-on-one counseling relationships.

Ready to Get Started?

Life with God is only available for purchase by trained group leaders. If you are interested in bringing Life with God to your community, visit our leader page to learn about the application and training process.