Church Promotion Kit

One of the time-consuming challenges church and group leaders face is how to describe Grafted Life resources and make their church community aware of them. To make this process easier, we have developed some promotional resources you can use literally right out of the box. Feel free to take what is here and adapt them for use in your church community.

The Resource Overview Page can provide reference on any of these studies.

We have developed promotional items for the following resources:

  • Do You Love Me?: Exploring Our Relationships with God and Others
  • Life with God: The Genesis of Relationship (the first study in the Life with God series)
  • The Art of Spiritual Leadership: Team Training for Christian Leaders
  • No Strings: Untangling Your Heart's Attachment to Money
  • Known By Love: A Venture in Christian Relationships

We offer two files you are welcome to work with and customize to suit your needs:

  1. Promotional Slides (5.7MB): Many worship services incorporate a slide show that scrolls in the worship center before the service begins, or loops on monitors in nearby gathering areas. This Powerpoint file includes 1-2 formatted slides for each of our study resources. Download the file, open it in Powerpoint or any compatible slide show tool, update the registration information on the slide you want, and then copy it into your presentation! Feel free to reformat the slide, change the copy, use a different testimonial, or make any other changes to customize it to fit your language or culture.
  2. Promotional Copy (7.9 MB): We have developed copy options you can use in newsletters, emails, bulletins, or other church communication tools. This Word file contains copy blurbs, graphics, and testimonials for each of our products. Download the file, open it in MS-Word or compatible copy editor, update the registration information, and copy it directly into your communication device.

If you need any other resources or tools, let us know. We are happy to add other tools as needed to make your promotional efforts as easy as possible.