The Sowing Circle

Welcome to The Sowing Circle, a community of women who are committed to spiritually seeding the next generation.

About The Sowing Circle

Many challenges face parents for which there are no easy or quick answers. Kids are not adopting the spiritual beliefs and values of their parents. Young adults are leaving the church. 

This can be a lonely place for parents who often face these important and difficult questions alone:

  • How do I help little ones find their own relationship with God?
  • How should I respond to the spiritual choices of my teens and adult kids--choices I may not agree with?
  • Can I make a difference—now, and in the future on behalf of other families?

Grafted Life Ministries created The Sowing Circle to be a place where mothers, grandmothers, and their friends can go to find community, support, resources, and encouragement.

You Aren’t Alone

We are committed to supporting women as they spiritually nurture children and youth. We hosted a Facebook Live! event, At Home with God: What Woman Can Do to Help Kids, where we offered practical suggestions for responding to these questions, and empowered women in their roles as nurturers with things they CAN do to make a difference. (A video of this event can be found here.) We also encouraged participants with the announcement of a plan to resource parents and churches in the spiritual nurturing of children and youth. (A video of this event can be found here.)

Why are we focusing on women -- mothers, grandmothers and their friends? 

  • We believe God is calling us to do so. This really is a movement of God, not people. 
  • Women often feel unseen in the church.
  • Women often bear primary responsibility for the spiritual nurturing of their kids.

This event was hosted by author and founder of Grafted Life Ministries, Debbie Swindoll, a mother of three and grandmother of six. She has her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, is a spiritual director, and has co-authored 10 spiritual formation studies. She was joined by Monica Romig-Green who co-authors the activity and engagement elements of our studies.

How Do I Participate in The Sowing Circle

There are several ways you can be part of The Sowing Circle community:

  • Join our Facebook Group: You will find community and support here -- from each other, and from Grafted Life. 
  • Subscribe to The Sowing Circle Resource Group: From time to time, Grafted Life Ministries will provide subscribers with prayer projects and other activities families and parents can engage in together. We will send those to subscribers as they become available.
  • Support our vision to reach children and youth: Grafted Life has a vision to create the resources needed for families and churches to surround young people, and nurture them from infancy/nursery through adulthood. We are challenging women to come together in support of this initiative, much as they did in the Old Testament with the building of the tabernacle, and in the New Testament in support of Jesus' ministry.
  • Share The Sowing Circle with your friends: We invite you to tell others about this community and how they can be supported. Post a link to this page ( where they can access the above resources.