Recommended Resources

Many respected authors have written on the topic of spiritual formation and Christian growth. These resources are representative of our approach to relational spirituality, and we recommend them for your personal growth and further study.

Slow Church

Excerpt from a review by ESDA Member Andrew Camp: "How do we start moving away from the McDonaldization that pervades so much of our culture and church? What Smith and Pattison advocate is not just a completely different mindset, but a completely different soulset. In other words, hospitality, breaking bread together, taking the time to savor what God is already doing in our midst and joining with Him as He seeks to inaugurate His Kingdom in our church and in our neighborhood." Read Full Review Purchase on Amazon

Seeking God Together

Out of her years of being both director and directee, Fryling offers practical, step-by-step guidance for those who would like to start, lead, or participate in group spiritual direction. Her book will help you know what to expect and fully equip you for the different aspects of the group experience, including learning to listen to God, using Scripture in a group, navigating different personalities, setting group expectations, and asking life-giving questions.

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