Current events have disrupted our normal church activities. Whether you have already re-opened, or are yet to God inviting you to a time of reflection and prayer?

Here is what we are seeing and hearing: Pastors are tired and lonely. There haven't been any days off for months. The impact of recent events ranges from "this has been wonderful" to "this has been dreadful--we need to get back to normal." And consultants? They have five options and seven things you need to do NOW.  

We wonder: Who is caring for the one who cares? And where is God in all of this? 

So here is a resource that offers church leaders an invitation to listen, to talk with God about what he wants you to do. This isn't a program. It is a process you can use regardless of where you find yourself. 

What practical tools will you walk away with?

  • Video: A 50-minute video with presentation slides you can watch and review with your leadership team at your convenience
  • Discover: A reflective exercise with six sets of questions to thoroughly evaluate your current situation
  • Discern: A prayer guide to help you see God's perspective, his presence, his activity
  • Do: A model representing six dimensions of church health and whether God is directing you to attend to them

Your purchase makes these resources available to anyone on your staff or lay leadership team. Please share them!


"Grafted Life offers a unique perspective to handling problems in our often overly programmed approach in the local church. I discovered a team of people whose heart is to help pastors and leaders rethink ministry while helping them re-discover their own souls."  Cecil, Pastor

"I'm excited to suggest using this resource at our upcoming staff retreat."  Sheryl, Pastor

"One of the things we’ve been trying to to discern where is God in all of this and what is he doing. What you presented puts helpful, tangible, and practical language on some of the areas where God has been leading us. Appreciate how you’ve made this accessible—not only financially, but practically."  Tom, Pastor

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Video and materials may be shared with anyone on your staff or lay leadership team. Only one copy is required per church.




Curt Swindoll, MBA, Graziadio School of Business, Pepperdine University

Curt has consulted with numerous nonprofit organizations and churches over the last 20 years. His focus includes strategic planning, organization development, fundraising/generosity, business development, execution, and board development. His current focus: how our spiritual lives integrate into all we do. 

He taught for several years on nonprofit leadership and management issues in BIOLA University's Masters in Organizational Leadership.

Debbie Swindoll, MA, Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, Talbot School of Theology

Debbie is the Executive Director at Grafted Life Ministries and an active spiritual director. She has written 10 formation studies to help people engage with God in everyday life. The integration of the whole person—emotional, relational, physical, and cognitive—in spiritual growth is her focus. 

Debbie helps churches understand how they can nurture their congregants’ relationships with God and one another from birth through the senior years.