Formation Articles

Formation articles are short, practical essays on various topics related to Christian spirituality. We've composed these articles to equip Christians in their work within the church and the broader culture.

Code of Ethics for Christian Leaders

The following Code of Ethics is a guide and a standard for Christian leaders. It outlines the personal and interpersonal qualities that characterize the kind of leadership that Grafted Life believes is important for Christian ministry.

The Value of Spiritual Direction in the Formation Journey

In 2004 when I entered my Master’s program in spiritual formation, I knew nothing about the ministry of spiritual direction. I was keenly interested in how God changes His children—grows them up in Christlikeness--but unfamiliar with spiritual direction and unsure how direction fits into the change process. Now fifteen years later and having practiced as a spiritual director for over a decade, I have a deep appreciation for spiritual direction and the role it plays in spiritual transformation.

2020 Year-End Reflection

It is tempting to leave 2020 in our rearview mirror and never look back. Yet, 2020 brought us valuable experiences that are worth reflection and consideration. What was God doing that we may have missed? Have we processed our emotions with God? What may we need to recognize in order to move into 2021 with our hearts open?

A Reflection on this Election-Seeking God's Perspective

Politics in America is fraught with contention and strife. As Christians, we can feel helpless, overlooked or embattled about the issues which face our country and the leaders who are in charge. But our God is unchanging in what may feel chaotic to us. In the midst of it all, it can be hard to know how to pray.

Creating an Organizational or Group Life Map

A life map is a self-reflection tool that individuals create to help them grasp the arc of their life story. You can use a life map to gain an overview of your life or to focus just on specific themes, like one’s hardships, joys or dreams.