We are still smiling thinking about our wedding weekend. Imagine having many of your closest family and friends gathered for one weekend to celebrate love. It was heavenly. There were moments when I looked around and was filled with such joy to have wonderful people in our lives. We felt so blessed to have them gathered in one place as they connected with old friends, made new friends, and communed with God, surrounded by His breathtaking creation. It felt like we all pushed the pause button on the busyness of life and focused on what mattered most – our relationship with God, others, and self.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend, besides our actual wedding, was the worship service. Gathered in that room were people from various walks of life - different ethnic backgrounds, a wide age range, coming from a variety of denominations, and all with their own personal story to tell. It was beautifully diverse but we were united in worshiping the One True God. As we sang “Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place,” tears welled up in my eyes as I imagined the sweet offering this was to our Lord as His children sang in unity. I imagined that heaven might be like this. A place where we celebrate love and worship in spirit and in truth. A place where we celebrate and honor our differences, rather than mock or use it to divide. A place where we connect with people and God deeply.

I had a little taste of heaven.