The Long Range Effects of COVID
ESDA 2021 Virtual Event

Event Overview

Early in the pandemic (June 2020) ESDA held 2 webinars with Dr. Genalin Niere-Metcalf to discuss and process its effects on spiritual directors, and by extension, on their directees. At that time we were three months into lockdowns, George Floyd had just been killed and most of us were ignorant of how much we would be exposed to in the ensuing months. As time has gone by it is clear that we have experienced a prolonged societal trauma, complicated by politics, polarization, racial unrest, vaccine controversies, and personal loss.

How are we and our directees fairing as we continue to adjust to changing circumstances? What might we feel as things open up and we have more social engagements with others? Are we facing long-term emotional, psychological, or spiritual effects from this experience? What signs do we need to look for in ourselves and our directees that may be linked to pandemic trauma?

These are the questions we explored with Dr. Genalin Niere-Metcalf around this topic. This event includes a roundtable discussion & Q&A with Genalin, and a guided reflection to assess the state of your soul with God.

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    Dr. Genalin Niere Metcalf

    Genalin has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has specialized training from the Danielsen Institute at Boston University, that emphasizes depth psychotherapy that is informed by spiritual, religious and existential perspectives. Genalin is a member of ESDA..

    Her experiences in psychology, spiritual direction and nursing have led her to a more holistic and integrated approach in her work as a therapist and how she lives her own personal life.

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    ESDA Virtual Event -The Long Range Effects of COVID