Creating a Formational Retreat Experience
Saturday, September 17, 2022
10am-12:30pm Central

Event Overview

How do I create a formational retreat for individuals or groups? Where is the best location to host it? What is the ideal length? What is the best size group?

These are some of the questions we explored with our guest, Mindy Caliguire, co-founder of Soul Care, a formation ministry supporting organizations and individuals in their journey toward Soul health.

This seminar offered answers to common questions, explored what Mindy means by "containers" and "artifacts," and provided an opportunity to create a retreat within a small group.

Our time together also included a Q&A time with Mindy.

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Our Guest


Mindy Caliguire

Mindy is the co-founder and president of Soul Care (, a spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase “soul health” in the Body of Christ. She serves in senior leadership for Cherith Analytics, and in the past has served in executive leadership at Gloo (, and at the Willow Creek Association (WCA). She speaks and advises organizations including Stadia Church Planting, various churches and ministries across the US and beyond.

The Soul Care team serves organizations including Christ Church of the Valley, Dallas Theological Seminary, Plum Creek Church, and more. Mindy’s books include Discovering Soul Care and Spiritual Friendship, from InterVarsity Press and STIR from Zondervan/HCC.

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ESDA Seminar with Mindy Caliguire