"The interactions and the exercises in the Undivided seminar helped me understand that most conflict comes from a desire to protect one’s own identity. It helped reduce my defensiveness."

Morgan, Participant
"The teaching and prayer exercises of Undivided were awesome! It really helps you understand the obstacles that keep you from being present with, and loving others in difficult conversations."

Jenni, Participant
"The workshop provided intentional space where I had the opportunity to interact with someone of a different gender, race, vocation, and role in life and what I learned was very enlightening."

Michael, Participant

What is Undivided?

Workshop Summary

Undivided: Being Christian in a Polarized World is a 6-hour experience that immerses Christian pastors, leaders, and lay persons in communication practices that create greater understanding, unity, and love in the midst of our polarized culture.

This workshop is Biblically sound and has been carefully constructed by Grafted Life's team of spiritual formation experts. Participants gain hands-on experience through teaching, discussion, prayer, and exercises that put the workshop topics into immediate practice.

Undivided wrestles with the complexities of "us versus them" thinking and offers real solutions for everyday life. The workshop is composed of three interactive sessions:

Session 1   Identity and Belonging

Problem: Looking for affirmation and identity in our relationships and interactions with people, not God

Focus: Grounding our identity in our relationship with God so we can enter into our relationship with others from this place of love and acceptance

Session 2   Humility and Responding

Problem: Assuming we know the right answers for others’ problems and perspectives, leading to habits of fixing, advising, judging, arguing or lecturing

Focus: Interacting with others with the awareness that the Holy Spirit is in our midst and with a heart of submission to what He is trying to accomplish

Session 3   Hospitality and Listening

Problem: Failing to truly listen to another person, and being distracted with our own perspective and how we intend to respond

Focus: Being present with another person through active listening — if we don’t listen to each other, how likely are we to listen to God?

Workshop Developers

Debbie Swindoll is the founder of Grafted Life Ministries. She writes, speaks, and consults on issues of relational theology and spiritual leadership. She completed her MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care at the Institute for Spiritual Formation at Biola University.

Monica Romig Green specializes in creating interactive experiences which invite participants into transformative encounters with God and other Christians. She has a 28-year career in live theatre as well as an MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Biola University.

Curt Swindoll has over 30 years experience consulting with ministries and churches. Curt has his MBA from Pepperdine University and his work has been published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Outcomes Magazine, Advancing Philanthropy, and more.

For more information, call us at 214.919.4145 or email us at info@graftedlife.org. Space is limited. We are actively seeking and scheduling additional locations and dates.

Hosting Inquiry

We are actively seeking and scheduling additional locations and dates.

We are looking for host churches to provide a complimentary room for up to 50 people on the day of the event with comfortable, flexible seating around table rounds. Apart from minor audio/visual needs, Grafted Life will provide all administration, food, insurance, and event promotion.

Please provide the following information and we will email you a Workshop Hosting Overview document.

For more information about Undivided: Being Christian in a Polarized World, call us at 214.919.4145 or email us at info@graftedlife.org.