Bringing Spiritual Formation into the Church
A Conference for Pastors and Church Leaders
Franciscan Retreat Center  |  Phoenix, AZ
  February 24, 2020

We Invite You to Join Us!

Join us in Phoenix, AZ at the Franciscan Renewal Center for a special one-day event:

  • What: Bringing Spiritual Formation into the Church
  • When: Monday, February 24, 2020 from 9am to 3pm (includes lunch)
  • Topic: This conference will explore the forces at work that both encourage and discourage formation initiatives. We will provide practical ideas that help church and lay leaders create environments that inspire greater commitments to spiritual growth and heart change.
  • Register: HERE!

Our day together will focus on five forces at work in any environment where change is being introduced, including churches, leadership teams, and small groups where discipleship and living a "with God" life is a priority:

  1. Vision: Do people have a vision for what is truly possible in living a "with God" life? How can we inspire them to live life in community with God and other Christians?
  2. Dissatisfaction: Do people have an awareness of their need for a deeper relationship with God and other believers? How can we help them connect with the loneliness, anxiety, or lack of freedom they feel as they try to do life on their own?
  3. First Steps: Do people know what steps they can take as they begin this journey? What resources are available to them, right where they are? How can we meet people in the needs they currently feel?
  4. Time: Are people ready to invest themselves in a process that takes years to unfold? How do we talk about the time it takes to deepen our relationship with God in a world that promises immediate gratification?
  5. Personal Cost: What happens when people start experiencing resistance? The journey toward dependence on God can seem frustrating, difficult, foreign, or confusing. How can we support those who want to quit or avoid being committed to the process?

Some of these factors conspire to create forces that encourage people to embrace change and personal growth, while others present resistance and a desire to give up...or not even try. The focus of our one-day event will be to walk through each of these factors and discuss how the forces for change can be strengthened and emphasized, while the forces that create resistance can be addressed in a healthy, productive way.

Part of our day will be set aside to answer questions and share ideas. In true, Grafted Life fashion, you can anticipate time to reflect on how God may be inviting you to lead your church into a deeper relationship with Him. Where is the Spirit of God already at work? Where might He be calling you to engage, to lead, to be present, to resource, to encourage and strengthen others?  Don't miss this opportunity to connect with other church leaders and explore these topics!

Spiritual Formation Conference - Event Overview

Monday, February 24

This one-day conference will begin at 9:00 am and end at 3:00 pm.

This event will focus on the steps to implementing spiritual formation practices and initiatives in the church. GLM will offer sessions that explore:

  • Resources available to leaders, and how those resources can be used to engage people right where they are in their spiritual journey
  • How to respond to resistance, in your own heart, and when facing the resistance of others
  • Specific "points of entry" where formation practices can be introduced into the existing rhythms of the church
  • Helpful ways to encourage church leaders to consider adopting a church-wide spiritual formation initiative
  • Key questions you have concerning implementing a formation initiative

This conference is perfect for anyone interested in effective ways to implement formation in a church and small group context. We hope you will join us!

Conference Registration

Price is per person and includes lunch.
The deadline for registration is January 31, 2020.

If you are a Spiritual Director, consider attending both this event and our 2020 Gathering for Spiritual Directors immediately following this conference.  Click here  for more information and to register for both events.

The Franciscan Retreat Center is located in the heart of Paradise Valley, has easy access to Phoenix Sky Airport, and is about 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix.

GLM 2020 Conference


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